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Welcome to SAPPG

Welcome to the SA Paediatric Pulmonology web resource, under the auspices of the South African Thoracic Society.
This is a free web site for health care professionals who are interested in paediatric respiratory health. We hope the contents will be useful for education and training, for providing clinical care, for advocacy and for stimulating new ideas for research.  We hope to make instructive clinical cases, images, published standards and guidelines, presentations and reviews available. The overall aim is to develop a great educational resource that will be useful to practising health care professionals or those who are in training. We invite you to participate by submitting suitable material.  We’d also welcome any comments or ideas for the development of the website. To submit something please….
We look forward to developing this potentially great resource together.
Best wishes

Heather Zar, Head of Paediatric Pulmonology, School of Child and Adolescent Health, Red Cross Childrens Hospital, University of Cape Town, South Africa